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About Us

chatham-ivy-about-imageMy sister, Kim and I started Chatham Ivy as a tribute to the Yankee spirit of our fun loving, preppy Dad, Dick Noble – known to his childhood friends as Brownie Noble. Growing up, our Dad taught us funny songs from his days at Trinity College, wore critter pants, rep ties, penny loafers (no beef rolls, please), played golf & tennis, sailed, skiied and helped us chase after our crazy English Setter, Misty. He fixed things himself, taught us to be thrifty, taught us to ski, sail, play tennis and attempted to teach us golf. He took pleasure in bringing home treasures – things other people threw away that he planned to refurbish. He taught us to manage our money, but not talk about it with others, work really hard, but enjoy life, take pride in our appearance without being vain, and keep our chins up in the face of adversity. Our Dad is an old school prep who never tries to be preppy, he just is. Our “preppy/wicked preppy line” is a nod to the mischievous side of our preppy Dad.

Right now our wonderful Dad is in his fourth brave year of battling cancer – without complaining and with trying his hardest to keep his chin up. We wanted to celebrate him with our nostalgic look back at our lives in New England while he’s still with us. We’re so grateful for the summers we spent as kids on Cape Cod with our Dad and Mom, that we wanted to capture that childhood magic in our “entering line”. We wanted to let our Dad know all of his hard work means so much to us and now to my daughter, Elizabeth, who is lucky enough to come to Chatham on the Cape every summer. Summer is pure magic for most kids and we wanted to celebrate those treasured times.

We hope you enjoy Chatham Ivy as much as we do. We’re so happy you can join us in celebrating our Dad, all things preppy and the spirit of New England.

 Richard Brown Noble, Jr.  1935 – 2014

The anchor heaves, the ship swings free,
The sails swell full. To sea, to sea!
-Thomas Lovell Beddoes